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ZKittlez is an indica dominant hybrid strain created through a cross of the deliciously powerful Grape Ape X Grapefruit strains. This strain features chunky colas that explode in a spectrum of light green hues and emit a sweet, tropical blend of fruit flavours. The effects of Zkittlez are calming, leaving consumers focused, alert, and happy while relaxing the body to help unwind any time of day.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

16 reviews for Zkittlez (SOLD OUT)

  1. Morgan (verified owner)

    As usual 100% quality flower from BITZ again got to me next day .10/10

  2. Ogtheo (verified owner)

    A great example of zkittles. Pictures don’t do it justice.

  3. Josh (verified owner)

    I agree with ogtheo the pictures don’t do this weed justice this is literally the most perfect looking zkittles I ever seen it stinks so much my whole house now stinks of it only opened the packet 10 minutes ago lol. 11/10 will definitely be trying to get more before this flies off the shelves.

  4. Benji (verified owner)

    Aye as above, zkittlez is one of my top 5 strains and this doesn’t disappoint!

  5. Kevin (verified owner)

    As above top quality weed, tastes great 👅 love it 😋😋🤤🔥🔥🔥

  6. Matjah (verified owner)

    That fruity terps is insane that’s one of the nicest zkittlez I’ve tried so far, fantastic looking bud aswell nicely cured. 10/10 thanks the Bitz
    Oh and it got me baked nicely of course…

  7. Frosty (verified owner)

    This batch has actually made me question my past interactions with Zkittlez…

    I’ve had a few zkittlez in the past and it has always been a mellow blueberry taste for the most part (very tasty) and sometimes it was slightly different, maybe more of a tropical taste (not as tasty) but this batch is probably as legit as it comes, the smell is insane, beautiful fruity smell…

    I can tell why Runtz tastes so nice now I’ve tried this batch as the aroma of the Z terps in runtz is clearly there and it has made me question if I have actually ever tried the real Zkittlez before because this one blows all my past experiences out of the park, 11/10, thank you TheBITZ!

  8. C (verified owner)

    Probably the best zkittlez I’ve ever tried. It’s not normally my fav terp profile but I thought I’d give it a shot after reading the reviews and it doesn’t disappoint.

    Perfect grow and cure, smokes and vapes really well with a really nice high. Top stuff!

  9. Tonybeee (verified owner)

    Quality bit of zkittlez , lovely taste and a strong high with that happy feeling, definitely recommend.

  10. Seanie (verified owner)

    Top notch again from thebitz ordered Thursday 11pm, arrived Saturday 10am. Tasty, strong, and fucking well cured.

  11. Frosty (verified owner)

    Thought I’d review this again since I had to go back for more.

    It’s just so damn tasty, it’s got that spiciness to it, it reminds me exactly of the exotics strain Wazabi, which makes sense since that is a Zkittlez cross..

    For the price it is basically top shelf exotics

  12. skippy22 (verified owner)

    First order arrived next day which is a game changer compared to other sites and card payments are a god send cos Coinbase wanted 18.99 to send bitcoin over urrghh anyway the weed lol,,nice gassy taste to it would buy again but want to try all the others he he , waiting on a half oz of the 6month oak barrel hash can’t wait to try it ,looks tasty man

  13. Day man (verified owner)

    Nothing much to add to the existing reviews. One of my favourite strains done to perfection. Lovely taste in the dry herb vape and left feeling blitzed and uplifted at the end of the session. Perfect for a summers day in the garden pottering and sunbathing, with a high that elevates colours and sounds to new heights. Bliss.

  14. Bigsmoke97 (verified owner)

    Super clean, pure white ash, lovely z terps coming through! As always 10/10 from the bitz!

  15. Buzzin (verified owner)

    Nice tight buds that taste like the purple skittles & the occasional red one.

  16. TheYetiBum (verified owner)

    Amazing fruity zkittlez smell and flavour, real quality smoke, great service as always

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