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38 reviews for Mixed Shake 28G

  1. K BAS (verified owner)

    Best Shake I’ve tried. Very potent.

  2. P Hool (verified owner)

    Really good. I find it ideal for making butter (for brownies or dolloping into savoury meals).

  3. Andi (verified owner)

    Great quality shake, use it for dry herb vaping myself. Next to no stalks too which is a big plus, definitely recommend!

  4. Morgan (verified owner)

    Lovely bit of shake.all bud that gets chopped on the trimming machine.I’ve had shake from 3 dipebarys this is only one I put the bud bits through my grinder and perfectly good smoke.be great in edibles or some shatter would be great as though a x50 microscope it’s got tricombes upon tricombes!11 outa 10

  5. gollum4 (verified owner)

    Top smoke for the price and insanely fast delivery 100% recommend

  6. ods1999 (verified owner)

    great bang for ur buck

  7. IR_O (verified owner)

    10 10 🔥 smells so good.. lots of little nugs.. 24 hours from order to delivery.. no complaints here. 🫠

  8. simplyone (verified owner)

    Defo worth grabbing one of these. Money was tight this month so thought I’d try.
    Best service around. Nice smoke aswell

  9. sexpig (verified owner)

    This is top quality shake and packs a punch! Love it
    Next day delivery is great .
    Deffinatly my new favourite website

  10. Harriet (verified owner)

    Took a punt and it paid off! Very happy with the Shake, really good stuff that does the job, and only took a couple of days to be delivered. 👍 👌 😊 I’ll be ordering again soon! Highly recommend. 😁

  11. Morgan (verified owner)

    I can’t stop buying I have links with GHSeeds gradeAAAA*seeds and flower etc.best shake you will find on this grey web

  12. Malaki (verified owner)

    Came quick first two Zs was spot on weren’t too keen on 3rd batch leafy & quite dark

  13. James (verified owner)

    Great shake thankyou and next day delivery is awesome

  14. davethebear (verified owner)

    Awesome….does the trick…..A1

  15. Normski (verified owner)

    Nice stuff one spliff hits the spot overweight too which has never happened to me👍
    Great website plenty choice and prices realistic compared to others I’ll be back for loads more thanks 😍👍

  16. leah (verified owner)

    super happy i have found this little gem of a website 🙂 this by far is some ‘top shelf’ shake i have tried so far. potent citrus smells, lovely clean flavours, and a lot of stunning little treasures to be found. really nice floaty high and lasts too. awesome product for so many uses 😉 delivery and service 10/10 thanks guys! quality work

  17. Marek (verified owner)

    I recommend, quickly, efficiently and safely.

  18. Clarence (verified owner)

    A pot pourri of lovely buddy bits of varying colours. A wonderful journey of discovery for the cannabis lover

  19. Kurt (verified owner)

    Can range from good to excellent. Great for rolling fat joints on the cheap. Would recommend.

  20. bucky_necked (verified owner)

    Came exactly as stated, plus a little over weight which ain’t ever a bad thing. Decent smoke and has lots of other uses. Will be a regular purchase for me for sure!

  21. rick8 (verified owner)

    super quick delivery. 5 stars too you guys will be ordering more.

  22. TooHighToBother (verified owner)

    Top notch shake, a relative grows and their shake was decent

    Using for angel butter, which at this rate I’ll use as a lip balm 😂

  23. Arron (verified owner)

    Nice one guys … ordered yesterday, great service. I’ll definitely be buying again. Thanks

  24. Daniel (verified owner)

    Very impressed. Ordered late Monday, arrived Wednesday morning. Over weight as promised. Good quality shake with loads of popcorn nugs and some bigger. Well happy, will use again

  25. folim (verified owner)

    Very happy with the shake from Bitz… third oz I’ve had and always potent and stinky. Other vendors seem to be happy selling trim under the guise of shake, but this is the real thing.

  26. TooHighToBother (verified owner)

    Guy above says it perfectly. Massive difference between shake and trim

    This shake is spectacular. You could honestly smoke this in place of pricey ounces/draws and not notice the difference. Perfect for genuine medicinal use, strong enough to put you to sleep. Without question, try it

    If your a bit skint, just get an oz of shake and a Q of flavour, you will barely notice the difference in the smoke

    Again, dispensary grade shake.

  27. Thomas (verified owner)

    Really good shake. Have ordered a few times and it’s always been spot on. Always potent with a decent amount of buds aswell. Vapes really well aswell. Stealth and delivery 10/10.

  28. Benjamin (verified owner)

    Love it, really strong and does the job, 100% recommend! Thanks.

  29. Kate (verified owner)

    Absolutely 💯 all the way.im a regular buyer here and Iv had a few shakes and a few normal bud purchases and you guys are ace and the products are of good quality. Fast and friendly service every time. Can’t fault them.

  30. Ian (verified owner)

    Good smoke for a great price.
    Nice flavour and does what you want it to do! Will definitely buy again!

  31. markempi (verified owner)

    Wonderful value for money. Potent, smelly and a fair few little nugs in there, too!

    Ordered Tuesday morning and arrived lunchtime on Wednesday. Can’t get better than that!!

  32. Andrew (verified owner)

    Outstanding! Hope you guys stay in business a long time, very happy

  33. curiousglow (verified owner)

    Works great as a daytime smoke. you do get a buzz from it, defo worth a try. I imagine shake would be good for cakes etc. it’s as stromg as some weed i’ve tried lately. The bag was stuffed as well.

  34. Viktor (verified owner)

    Being a non believer with scam selling online weed retailers all around(lost a lot of money like lot of us),i desided for 1 more time to loose my money here…but something realy good came this time,on sale shake,which i pressume being on sale had more leaves than the pictures ,which showed more tiny buds,still got me high,a nice mellow back in the days high!!I will order again at the normal price to see any differenses the 2nd time,plus think i am going to order some real nuggs to see what i ll get as it seems thebitz up to their name,thanks guys for keeping real,more reviews in my next orders!delivery 10/10

  35. Day man (verified owner)

    Outstanding shake, loaded with buds caked in trichomes. Smells and smokes great, pretty sure there’s some Zkittlez and other top shelf shake in there. Used most of it for a cannaoil to make edibles and they came out like rocket fuel. 10/10 and at this price I won’t be going anywhere else for my shake again

  36. bP69 (verified owner)

    Insane Quality we got all Fishscale trim which we had previously so were literally over the moon especially at £75! Thank you so much bitz420 !

  37. Seanie (verified owner)

    Not as much buds as implied in some of the above reviews, but I might have just gotten unlucky. I’ve been smoking it through dry herb vape, and it’s good enough. For a ton, it’s value.

  38. Kenneth (verified owner)

    Best product on the market qulity is excellent, also they provided great customer service, there quick on replying messages, keep you informed, go above and beyond considering all the hurdles they have to cross to get it to your door i’m well please thanks The Bitz 420.

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