Italian Ice (SOLD OUT)

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Solid nugs, perfectly cured and trimmed.

This delectable, flavorful, and zen-like bud promotes a blissful and calm descent into the relaxation of both the mind and body. With potent flavors that linger on the tastebuds long after the toking session is complete, the Italian Ice weed strain is a must-try strain to add to your collection. The Italian Ice weed strain is an indica-dominant hybrid cannabis strain with a breakdown of 60/40. This premium strain was cultivated by Cali Connection by crossing Gelato 45 and the Forbidden Fruit strains to create a wonderfully aromatic and relatively evenly blended hybrid.

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3.5G, 7G, 14G, 28G

7 reviews for Italian Ice (SOLD OUT)

  1. symonnj (verified owner)

    Nice fruity, well cured

  2. Christopher (verified owner)

    Bang in like the description this was some unreal looking and smoking buds from opening my pot was just euphoric the smell filled the house ngl only needed small doobies with this one

  3. greennpurple (verified owner)

    Best smelling and tasting strain I’ve had, blueberry, citris, not too skunky. Good high too!

  4. Otti (verified owner)

    Lovely light and refreshing taste, slightly lemony. If you are looking for a deep stone you may want to grind a bit more than usual. Perfect for working as keeps you light and active

  5. MrJoint (verified owner)

    Incredibly good !!! One of my best 👍🏻

  6. Ade (verified owner)

    A truly beautiful smoke, gutted to see it has sold out, hopefully be back soon, definitely want some more.

  7. backstrapbifta (verified owner)

    This is my favourite so far from TheBitz420.
    Super clean and terpy. Beautiful frosty nugs. Wish I ordered more before it sold out.

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